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Oh, God.
— Says Pear In The First Episode.

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Being Boring

Pear is the best friend of The Annoying Orange. He's really boring and reads a lot of books and he's Totally Awes... Boring. He is the deuteragonist (secondary protagonist) of the series and is one of the only characters to appear in every season. He is a Williams pear who inhabits the same kitchen counter as Orange who is too annoying for him, his former best friend and current rival. He is has his own show called Pear's Extreme Challanges. Orange's best friend, even though he usually doesn't want to admit it (however, he had admitted it in Orange Goes Hollywood and My Name is Orange, and almost admits it in The Fruitrix). Pear simply began as a minor character that was annoyed by Orange as much as Apple, and became disappointed when Orange began to annoy him.<hero description="An Orange." imagename="" cropposition="" />


Pear is often the voice of reason in the kitchen. He usually stays calm in difficult situations, has an easygoing nature, and rarely insults anybody. Pear is good at socializing, which has helped him make friends in the kitchen. It is also shown that he is just about always acting and being serious. At times he can be a bit of a social "loser", (which was stated in Wishful Thinking that without Orange he would have no social skills or friends). In Deviled Egg, his heart's desire that he requests is a book called "How to Make New Friends". He seems to have a personality similar to that of Brian Griffin's.


Pear is Orange's best friend, although he usually doesn't want to admit it (however, he does admit it in Orange Goes Hollywood and in My Name is Orange, and he almost admits it in The Fruitrix). Pear began as a minor character and joke filler who was as annoyed by Orange as Apple, and became disappointed when Orange began annoying him after Apple was knifed. The same thing has occurred in many episodes after that, and he was introduced as a main character during mid to late season 2. Later in season 2, Pear had become more involved in the series as most episodes. As of late season 2, he was marked officially as the main deuteragonist of the series. Pear had met Midget Apple and Marshmallow around the same time that Orange had, and he has become well-acquainted with them. He is very good friends with Midget Apple, and is also pretty good friends with Marshmallow. Pear was not on very good terms with Grapefruit (as shown in Best Fiends Forever when he took a hike when Grapefruit was moving into the kitchen). However, he has warmed up to Grapefruit, along with the other residents of the kitchen over time. Since then, Pear has been the voice of reason and logic around the kitchen, usually welcoming new guests of the kitchen and asking them to excuse Orange's annoyance. Pear, along with Orange and the rest of the gang, live part-time on a fruit cart with Nerville in Daneboe's Grocery Market. Because of his modest personality, Pear was dubbed by Orange and many other residents of the kitchen as "boring". Pear tried to prove that he wasn't boring, by running a show called "Pear's Extreme Challenges", which usually don't end well for him.

Books ReadEdit

Pear is known to read a lot of books. However, either Orange or something else that occurs usually interrupts him. Here is a list of all the books that he has read in the series.

  • How to Deal with Annoying People
  • Just Breathe
  • Gulliver's Travels
  • How to Make New Friends
  • War and Peas
  • The Fault in our Starfish
  • Egganore & Pork
  • A Game of Scones/Game of Scones
  • Of Rice And Men

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